On June 6 Apple announced the new M2 chip for the Mac

The new M2 chip will be the successor of the old M1 chip 

Apple is promising to give users much better performance with this new M2 chip

It will be an 18% faster CPU, a 35% more powerful GPU, and a 40% faster Neural Engine than the previous M1 chip

It will also provide users with 50% more memory bandwidth and 24 GB of fast memory

The all-new M2 chip has 25% more transistors than M1 making it more powerful by having more memory

With more transistors than M1, the new M2 chip can handle larger and more complex works

M2 chip will deliver up to 100G/s of memory bandwidth 50% more than M1

In terms of core new M2 has a total of 10 more than M1, boosting your graphics

New M2 chip consumes way less battery than M1 saving your battery life