Dwayne Johnson "The Rock"Hints about Superman cameo in upcoming "Black Adam"

Since 2017's 'Justice League' failed, The DC films have attempted to rival the significantly more effective Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Indeed, there have been victories from that point forward, however, overall, the executives in control really can't sort out where the movies need to head.   

 In comparison, Kevin Feige and his group plot stories four or five motion pictures ahead of time.

In any case, DC fans are anticipating what the organization brings to the table regarding big-screen diversion.

Perhaps of the most-anticipated film, this year is 'Black Adam', which denotes the superhuman presentation of Dwayne Johnson.

  Despite the fact that he is frequently alluded to as a supervillain in comics, related to Shazam.

Johnson has said that he generally pays attention to fans and gives them what they need, especially with regard to this film.

He may likewise have affirmed a Superman cameo in the film.

Henry Cavill's Superman has been missing from DC films for quite a while now, and we don't know regardless of whether he will return.

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