You are currently viewing 200+ YouTube Channel Name Ideas for Education In India – 2022

200+ YouTube Channel Name Ideas for Education In India – 2022

YouTube Channel Name Ideas for Education in India: Are you also a teacher Who used to give offline classes but we all know due to this pandemic that is not really possible?

So, the best option for you is to start giving online classes not only for the student in your local area but all over India and by doing so earn money too.

Yes, you heard it right, you don’t have to sign yourself up with any of the big institutes like Aakash or Byjus to start your online teaching journey.

You can do so by just starting an Educational YouTube channel, plus signing up on YouTube is totally free of cost too.

So in this blog post of ours, we will walk you through each and every step required to create a successful Educational YouTube Channel in 2022 by helping you select the best education channel name.

From choosing the perfect name for your Educational Youtube channel to following some easy steps to create an education channel on YouTube, and finally monetizing it.

Things to look for While Choosing A Name For An Educational Channel On YouTube?

So you finally came through and decided to create an Education YouTube channel. Well, I am glad but you cannot just go and straightway create an Education YouTube Channel with no vision.

And the first step towards creating that vision is to choose a channel name that matches your type of content and your vibe too. By matching your vibe I meant your personality.

If you are here reading this blog then we all know why you are here and for that, we have got a very big list of the best, latest, and most creative Educational YouTube Channel Names both in Hindi and English.

But before we jump right into the mix and I give you the list of all the best and unused Study YouTube Channel Name Ideas.

Tell Me!

Do you actually know What To Look For While Choosing A Name For An Educational Channel On YouTube? If not then don’t worry we have got your back.

There are a few but some are very important things you need to keep in mind before choosing a perfect name for your Educational YouTube Channel or Study YouTube Channel, especially in the year 2022.

Here is a short list of a few things you need to keep in mind before finalizing one name:

  • It should be Unique: Well I know it’s difficult in this day and age to find a unique channel name that hasn’t already been taken but that should be your priority as your channel name is what gonna attract starting visitors.
  • It should be Unused: If the name is already in use by other hundreds of random channels then that name should not be on your list.
  • It should be catchy: Yes, definitely if it’s some dull name then no one’s gonna remember it for a long time, and your channel won’t get that much traction. Because not only a catchy name is rememberable having a good catchy name also helps you in branding your channel(that should be your goal).
  • It should be Short and Self-Descriptive: I would advise you guys to not choose a name that is more than two words or max three words that’s the limit. Also, make your channel name self-descriptive it should not be like “Ultimate Doddle” for an Educational channel.
  • It should be spellable: Be cautious not to choose a name that is only easy for you to spell and not for others. Try to make it easy to read and understandable for other people.
  • Should not rank other channels: One of the most important things you should focus on while selecting the name is that it should not rank other big or old dead channels. If the name you choose is ranking some other channel then pick a different one from the list below.

For you, we picked a few educational YouTube channels for you to take inspiration from and also see how are they creating and branding their Education YouTube channels.

  • Education 4u: As you can see they have chosen a really great name for their channel. They aim to provide educational content to all Engineering B-Tech and MCA graduates as well as undergraduates. They started their channel in the year 2017, and since then they have gained over 5.82 lakh subscribers.
  • Examपुर: A well-known channel with over 66.5 Lakh subscribers and with a well-descriptive “short” name. They have posted over 42,720 videos on their channel. A channel started in the year 2016, they help students who are trying to clear Govt. exams. Also with their regular classes, they are always teaching something on their channel.
  • Examo: This is an official channel of an Ed-Tech Company. Their aim is to revolutionize the way of online learning and make it truly affordable for all. A channel started in the year 2013 they have gained over 5.43 Lakh Subscribers. And are slowly but steadily making a name for themselves.
  • Khan Sir: You might have already heard about Khan sir and his amazing videos that are loved by millions. The channel started in the year 2019 since then they have gained over 1.41 Crore subscribers. On his channel, he teaches and talks about all the latest events happening around the world and in the country itself.
  • AsapSCIENCE: Teaching science is difficult but they are doing it in ways that only a few can imagine and dare to do. They started their channel in the year 2012 and currently have over 100 Lakh subscribers.

So, these were some of the Top Educational Youtube Channels in India.

If you look at all the channel names we featured above you can see that their channel names are short, simple, rememberable, and self-descriptive. That should be your goal too.

100 Latest and Creative YouTube Channel Name Ideas for Education in Hindi

So, if you are looking to create an educational channel catering only to the Indian audience then I would personally suggest you try choosing some best study channel name ideas from the list below.

education channel name in hindi

We have tried to list all the latest and creative YouTube channel Name Ideas for Education in Hindi.

  1. Hindi Gyaan
  2. Gyaan in Hindi
  3. Latest Gyaan
  4. Apna Gyaan
  5. Gyaani Teacher
  6. Duniya ka Gyaan
  7. School ka Gyaan
  8. Gyaani Bachhe
  9. Simple Gyaan
  10. Gyaan ka Mandir
  11. Gyaani ki Classes
  12. Nayi Shiksha
  13. Digital Shiksha
  14. Online Shiksha
  15. Shiksha Mandir
  16. Shiksha Ka Mandir
  17. Gyaani Buddha
  18. Latest Shiksha
  19. Sabki Shiksha
  20. Free ka Gyaan
  21. Gyaan Vigyan
  22. Shiksha Sheekh
  23. Shiksha Vidhyalay
  24. Vidya Mandir
  25. Vidya ka Mandir
  26. Latest Jaankari
  27. Nayi Jaankari
  28. Online Jaankari
  29. Padhai ki Jaankari
  30. Aapka Science
  31. Aapka Physics
  32. AapkaMaths
  33. Aapki Chemistry
  34. Apna Physics Classes
  35. Apna Maths Classes
  36. Apna Science Classes
  37. Apna Chemistry Classes
  38. Apni Physics Classes
  39. Apni Science Classes
  40. Apni Maths Classes
  41. Apna Chemistry Classes
  42. Aapki Physics Classes
  43. Aapki Science Classes
  44. Aapki Maths Classes
  45. Aapki Chemistry Classes
  46. Daily Physics Classes
  47. Daily Science Classes
  48. Daily Maths Classes
  49. Daily Chemistry Classes
  50. IIT Online Classes
  51. IIT Digital Classes
  52. IIT Daily Classes
  53. IIT Advance Classes
  54. IIT Success Point
  55. IAS Online Classes
  56. IAS Digital Classes
  57. IAS Daily Classes
  58. IAS Advance Classes
  59. IAS Success Point
  60. Online Gurukul
  61. Digital Gurukul
  62. Safal Shiksha
  63. Safal Vidhyarthi
  64. 24/7 Padhai
  65. 24/7 Shiksha
  66. Gyaan Matra
  67. Online Classes Hindi
  68. Digital Classes Hindi
  69. IIT ki Padhai
  70. IAS ki Padhai
  71. India Padhega
  72. Online Ace Classes
  73. Online Seekh
  74. Nayi Online Seekh
  75. Naya Online Gyaan
  76. Total CBSE Gyan
  77. Poora CBSE Gyan
  78. Latest CBSE Gyan
  79. Sabki CBSE Classes
  80. Daily CBSEClasses
  81. CBSE Classes Hub
  82. Poora NCERT Gyaan
  83. Latest NCERT Gyan
  84. Sabki NCERT Classes
  85. Daily NCERT Classes
  86. NCERT Classes Hub
  87. Advance NCERT Classes
  88. Advance CBSE Classes
  89. Roz CBSE Classes
  90. Roz NCERT Classses
  91. Vidya Darshan
  92. Gyaan ka Booster
  93. Prakash ki Classes
  94. Hamari Sanskriti
  95. Sanskrit Gyaan
  96. Pratham Digital Classes
  97. Pratham Online Classes
  98. e-NCERT Classes
  99. e-CBSE Classes
  100. Learning Mantra
  101. Vigyan ka Gyaan

I hope from the list above you were able to find education channel name ideas in hindi for yourself. Also keep reading the blog for more educational channel name ideas.

100 Latest and Creative Educational YouTube Channel Names Ideas in English

If you want your channel to cater to students all over the world then choosing an English name would be perfect as it would give them a sense of belongingness.

So here are 100+ educational youtube channel name ideas in English. That you can also choose for your education channel name ideas in India.

education channel name in english

So here is the list of 100+ latest and creative YouTube channel Name Ideas for Education in English.

  1. Advance Studies
  2. Logical Studies
  3. Study Specialities
  4. Future Studies
  5. Arc Studies
  6. New Age Studies
  7. Study Seekers
  8. 2D Studies
  9. 3D Studies
  10. StudyVerse
  11. Study Drive
  12. Study Wizard
  13. Bang My Brain
  14. BackYard Brains
  15. Baffled Brains
  16. Brain Challengers
  17. Smart Brains
  18. Train Your Brain
  19. Boost My Brain
  20. Brain Boosters
  21. Mind Your Brain
  22. Skill Learners
  23. Advance Learners
  24. Learntastic
  25. Flagship Learners
  26. Learn Nerd
  27. School Learners
  28. Focus Learners
  29. Learnify
  30. Beta Learner
  31. Alpha Learner
  32. Lazy Learners
  33. Learners Club
  34. Learners Quest
  35. Academic Learner
  36. Learn n Grow
  37. Learn Nest
  38. Thrive Learners
  39. Learners Pursuit
  40. Study n Grow
  41. Learn Easy
  42. Pathway Learners
  43. Learners Light
  44. Digital Learn
  45. Online Learn
  46. Learn it Online
  47. Study Online
  48. Digital Study
  49. Grow n Learn
  50. Learner’s Hut
  51. Quick Learners
  52. Simple Learn
  53. Learners Quest
  54. Knowledgeify
  55. Meta Knowledge
  56. Swift Knowledge
  57. Success Knowledge
  58. Knowledge Pad
  59. BlackBoard Knowledge
  60. White Board Knowledge
  61. Daily Knowledge
  62. Nerdy Knowledge
  63. Geek Knowledge
  64. Cocoon Learners
  65. Sunshine Classes
  66. Sunshine Knowledge
  67. Budding Sunshine
  68. Budding Learners
  69. Dash Knowledge
  70. Knowledgery
  71. Learning Bees
  72. Learning Buds
  73. Knoledgeable Bees
  74. Knowlegeable Buds
  75. Spark Classes
  76. Learners Spark
  77. Ignite Study
  78. Spark Study
  79. Spark Scholar
  80. Scholars Spark
  81. Intelligent Buds
  82. Intelligent Bees
  83. Learners Mode
  84. Knowledge Zone
  85. Learners Zone
  86. Targeted Success
  87. Academic Zone
  88. Academic Classes
  89. Smart Study
  90. Smart Students
  91. Study Guru
  92. Study Buddha
  93. Ultimate Learning
  94. Ultimate Study
  95. Studyologist
  96. Pro Academic
  97. Happy Teacher
  98. Intelligent Guru
  99. Smart Study Style
  100. The Mind Sharpner
  101. Carrer Makers
  102. Career Makers
  103. Shine Classes
  104. We Make You Shine

I hope that you were able to find a great name for your Educational YouTube Channel from our list of 200+ YouTube Channel Name Ideas for Education.

All the names were the latest and unused at the time of writing this blog post.

Choosing a name for your channel was only the first step now you need to create an educational channel on YouTube.

Don’t worry we will guide you through the exact steps of How to create an Educational Channel on YouTube.

How To Create An Education Channel On YouTube?

So, finally, let’s get started with creating an educational YouTube channel where you can post your videos that can be viewed by students.

I know that it might be overwhelming for you to create a Youtube Channel if it’s your first time.

So just follow the 8 simple steps that we listed below to easily create your channel.

Step 1: Create a Gmail Account beforehand if you don’t have one because without it we won’t be able to create our YouTube account without it.

create your gmail account

Step 2: Go to

Step 3: Click the “Sign In” button in the top left-hand corner of your screen and sign in with the Gmail account you created.

click on the sign in

Step 4: Once you successfully signed in, again look at the top left-hand corner you will see your Gmail account’s profile picture Click it.

click on your profile pic

Step 5: Now you will see a drop-down menu with lots of options just click on the first option i.e, “Create a Channel

click on create a channel option

Step 6: YouTube will redirect you to a new page where you can set the channel name that you picked. After writing down the name click “CREATE“.

Step 7: Well you just officially created your Educational Channel on YouTube, you can now set your profile picture, add a cover photo, add social media links, and add a description.

Step 8: So, finally you created your Educational channel now the most important step is to create a video for that channel so YouTube can suggest it to new viewers or students and make it go viral.

If you follow all these 8 steps to the point then you won’t face any difficulty creating your Educational YouTube Channel.

How To monetize your Education Channel On YouTube?

There are a number of ways through which you can have your channel monetized and earn money even without getting accepted under the YouTube Partners Program.

I did some extensive research and being a small YouTuber myself found these 9 ways through which you can monetize your Education Channel On YouTube.

  • Adsense: You can start earning from Adsense once you are eligible for YouTube Partners Program. To be eligible your channel needs to have 1000 subscribers and your videos must have a total watch time of 4000 public watch hours.
  • Brand Sponsorships: Once you have gained enough subscribers like more than 5000 subscribers or even less than that you start getting brand sponsorships in your mail. It’s a fact that big channels earn more from brand sponsorships than through Adsense.
  • Affiliate Marketing: You can earn money by selling affiliate products. Many YouTubers earn from promoting and selling Affiliate products. The Most Popular Affiliate Marketing platform among YouTubers is Amazon Associates. You can get anywhere around 2% to 9% commission if someone buys products through your affiliate links.
  • Donations: Viewers who like your content and know its value of it may sometimes donate a generous amount to support your work.
  • YouTube Sponsorships: YouTube itself provides the feature of a “Join Button” to a few channels. This join button lets your viewers sponsor your channel on monthly basis. Sponsorship can be reoccurring or manual based on the viewer’s choice.
  • Super Chats & Super Thanks: If you frequently do live streams then viewers can do super chats or if not your viewers can do “Super Thanks” for some set amount of money. Both Super Chat & Super Thanks can be turned on once you are accepted into YouTube Partners Program.
  • By Selling Your Own Products: You can also start selling your own products on YouTube itself. You can start your own merchandise and sell it to your audience. Merchandise like printed t-shirts & shirts, printed cups and caps do well on YouTube.
  • By Selling your Courses: You can start earning money by selling your own courses to your respective viewers. But to do so you need to have an audience base that values your content.
  • Through Link Shorteners: Yes, you can earn through link shorteners. Many link shorteners these days pay you for using their services. You get paid whenever someone clicks on the link you shortened from their site.

My Final Thoughts on YouTube Channel Name Ideas

So, you have reached the end of our blog post titled “200 YouTube Channel Name Ideas for Education In India“.

As you know that in this post we gave you the list of 100 Youtube Channel Name Ideas for Education in Hindi and in English too.

Now I hope that you won’t have any difficulty choosing a perfect name for your educational YouTube channel.

Keep in mind that all the names that we selected for our list are some of the best and latest names that you can choose for your Educational YouTube channel.

If you liked this post or have any input that you want to share with us then use the comment section to do so.

We would love to hear what you have to say!

FAQ: Education YouTube Channel

Is signing up on YouTube free?

Yes, it’s completely free. There are no hidden or extra fees what so ever you can simply just sign up and get started with creating content.

How to earn money from Youtube?

There are not one but a lot of ways through which you can earn money on YouTube.

We tried to list a few ways through which you can earn money from YouTube:

1. Adsense
2. Brand Sponsorships
3. Donations
4. Crowdfunding
5. By Selling Affiliate Products
6. By selling your own courses
7. By selling your own Merchandise

Yes, that’s a lot of ways through which you can earn money but to do so you need to have an audience who watches most of your videos.

What are the 10 best latest and Creative YouTube Channel Name Ideas for Education In India?

Here is the list of 10 best latest and Creative YouTube Channel Name Ideas for Education In India:

1. Gyaan in Hindi
2. Latest Gyaan
3. Apna Gyaan
4. Gyaani Teacher
5. Arc Studies
6. New Age Studies
7. Study Seekers
8. 2D Studies
9. 3D Studies

How to take live classes on YouTube?

You can take live classes by starting a live stream through your YouTube Dashboard on PC or by clicking on the plus icon in the mobile app. After you click the plus icon you will see an option to “Go Live” Click that and you will be live on YouTube for your viewers to watch.

When will I be eligible for YouTube Partners Program?

There are some of the conditions that need to be fulfilled before you are eligible for the YouTube Partners Program i.e,

1. You need to have a total of 1000 subscribers on your channel
2. And gain 4000 public watch hours in the previous 12 months
3. Your channel should not have any active Community Guidelines strikes or Copyright claims.

What is the max duration of videos on YouTube?

You can upload videos of duration up to 15 minutes, but to upload a video longer than 15 minutes you need to verify your YouTube account. Verifying your YouTube account is very easy and you just need to confirm your identity.

Can I create custom playlists on YouTube?

Yes, YouTube gives you the option to create an unlimited number of playlists, and in that playlist, you can add any number of videos.

Can my viewers sponsor my YouTube channel?

Yes, if your viewers want to sponsor your YouTube channel then they can do so by either Joining your channel by buying any of the sponsorships that you created. Please keep in mind that only a few channels get the feature of “Join Button” after their channels are accepted in YouTube Partners Program.

How much does YouTube pay for 1000 views?

Well, first of all, YouTube doesn’t pay you for views. It pays you for the number of times any viewer watched the ad that you placed in your videos. If you are accepted under YPP then ads are automatically placed in all of your videos.

What benefits will I get after crossing 1000 Subscribers?

Yes, I know that the 1000 subscribers mark may seem a bit small buy growing a channel for 0 to 1000 subscribers is hard. So if you have reached that 1000 subscribers mark then congratulations.

So here are some of the things that you get from YouTube as your reward for reaching 1000 subscribers:

1. A congratulatory email
2. If you have also completed the 4000 public watch hours goal then you can apply for Youtube Partners Program.
3. You get access to the community tab
4. Your subscriber’s count will be displayed as 1K subscribers and not plain and old 1000 subscribers